Free Pet Care—and Pet Blogs!

When I was downsized a few years ago, I was thrilled to finally have time to travel. Unfortunately, I didn't have the money.

Enter HouseCarers. This wonderful resource has been responsible for my best vacations over the past three years, as well as new friends. I pay all my expenses (airfare, shuttles, food). You—the homeowner—pay nothing. The bonus for me is staying free in a place I want to visit for several weeks. I registered with HouseCarers because of its good reputation.

"New family" in Prescott, Arizona, includes miniature poodle Coco and a black cat named Sammie, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2011. In Colorado Springs I stayed a month with rescued Shelties. A breeder in Arizona mentored me in caring for her 17 Arabians.

While you're away, your pet(s) and I "write" a photographic blog or journal. Click on photos for samples.

Through HouseCarers I'm available in:
• The American Southwest, where I plan to move
• Hawaii, which I fell in love with on a cruise that a HouseCarers homeowner invited me
• Italy, which I have visited twice, and dream of often
• France, my first love. Most Parisians laughed at me when I spoke, but I know a few words.

Call me and you'll get a free professional pet sitter (Emmy the Pet Sitter). I'll treat your pets with love and care, and your house and car as though they're my own.

How Does It Work?

If you think I might suit your needs, check my calendar on HouseCarers or see dates below. If I'm available when you need me, call or email. If you prefer to interview candidates in person, perhaps Skype would suffice. In short, please don't count me out because I live far away.

I pay for transportation to your home—yes, even to Europe. I arrive a day or two before you leave, meet you and your pets, and learn about your home.

Contact Information & Testimonials

Emmy Scammahorn
Home phone: (703) 671-6182


Emmy is an extraordinarily responsible, caring, and thoroughly competent house and pet sitter. Our beloved 16 year-old family Dachshund has been blind for several years—she has come to think of Emmy as she would a family member, and the feeling is clearly reciprocated. My wife and I and the three kids can rest easy when we are away that the family's 'oldest sibling' is going to be perfectly fine, and that our house will be secure and clean, as well, for our return. (For peace of mind, she is worth her proverbial weight in gold, which is worth a lot these days.)
Tom G., Alexandria, Virginia ~ Via Emmy the Pet Sitter

Sight unseen and just speaking over the phone, Emmy worked out well. My dog, Coco, thoroughly enjoyed her. I was able to keep in touch when I was away. All went very well. Her blog about Coco is priceless. It is obvious she is an editor and a very good one. I plan to share it and print it for keeping and also as a history reference.
Gloria H., Prescott, Arizona ~ Via HouseCarers

Michelle H., owner of a ranch in Prescott, Arizona, can talk with you about my work with her prize-winning Arabians. Contact me if you want to talk to Michelle.

Arlo and Darcy are always disappointed when I come home after Emmy has been staying with them. She loves them as much as I do.
Brenda M., Falls Church, Virginia ~ Via Emmy the Pet Sitter

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